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A Legacy of Curiosity: Growing Up in Market Research


All of the talk about nightmare questionnaires and needle in a haystack target audiences might have scared off other youngsters around the dinner table, but not Belinda Brown of Gazelle Global.

Belinda joins Colson Steber of Communications for Research and Ag Access and Kai Fuentes of Ebony Marketing Systems in this episode of the Ponderings from the Perch podcast to discuss their unique perspectives as 2nd generation market research professionals, with host Priscilla McKinney.

With sentiments ranging from an immediate calling as a “born researcher” to slowly developing their own motivations to follow in their parents’ footsteps, the guests share their stories of growing up in the market research space.


Nearly 27 years ago, Belinda’s mother, Anne Brown, helped found Gazelle Global. In the time since, Gazelle Global has become known as a pillar in the research industry.

Serving as Gazelle Global’s Manager of Marketing and Business Development, Belinda was initially hesitant to join an industry she viewed as bland. Her circuitous journey included embracing market research as an agent for change.

“I think that in the midst of a global pandemic and election year, and all that is 2020, despite the fact that it’s been really challenging, I’m really excited about the inflection point at which I believe we are. And I hope that we are, culturally and in the industry. I think we’re moving in a particular direction, and that excites me.”

Tune in to learn about Gazelle Global’s greatest strength, the timing of Colson’s leap into entrepreneurship, Kai’s childhood foray into mall intercepts, and why each of the guests thinks the future of market research is bright.

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