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How Gazelle Global Connects You to the World


Our world is getting smaller as businesses, from Fortune 500s to smaller startups, are operating on an increasingly global scale. Products and services are traveling worldwide too. A recent study of small-to-medium-sized firms found that nearly 60% of small businesses already have international customers. Is there any surprise then that market research and data collection have moved beyond domestic borders?

The problem is that research in one foreign country is demanding, but most overseas projects demand a multi-country approach. An internal research team or a domestic vendor managing this project alone will juggle many factors that may not be in their wheelhouse. Domestic researchers' time may be better spent guiding objectives and stakeholders' expectations and providing internal organization context. Established expertise and a country-proven track record are the most vital considerations in choosing a trusted supplier to expand your reach. 

Local Experience and Industry Range Is Essential

With over thirty-plus years of global research under their belt and over 100 questionnaires translated into 100 dialects every year, Gazelle Global should make the short-list every time. Gazelle is a worldwide leader that offers everything from translation to full-service logistics on projects. And they have "been there, and done that," in almost every language known to man. As CEO Anne Brown says, "There are seven continents, and the only continent that Gazelle has not worked in is Antarctica."

Gazelle also has familiarity in verticals from healthcare to food & beverage to hotel & hospitality. "We have done everything from interviewing restaurants in the Philippines to hematologists in Europe, and mothers in Brazil." – Director – Belinda Brown, Gazelle Global. 

Researchers confront several concerns with international projects. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost and Technology
  • Language and Cultural Challenges

Costs Considerations

International research projects may cost more than their domestic counterparts, and currency conversion may contribute to the complexity. Understanding offshore customers and customs while being selective in choosing international research partners is the key to success. Gazelle Global can suggest the methodology or participant numbers to fit all stakeholders' fiscal concerns.

Technology Limitations

Sophisticated organizations realize that you cannot just hand over a survey to a local research agency and expect uniform logistics across all markets. Emerging markets may not have reliable electricity, internet service, or computer usage to support an online effort. Finding a trusted supplier who partners with boots on the ground experts is aware of these limitations and will creatively tailor efforts to meet the technical requirements and infrastructure available.

Language and Cultural Savvy Makes for Richer Research

Local language and a team with cultural literacy are essential to global research since most participants are much more vibrant and expressive in their native tongue. Still, the translation of language alone is only one piece of the puzzle.

Because of their local knowledge and global wingspan, Gazelle designs methodologies appropriate to the culture, language and traditions of a region.

It is also critical to use native speakers for coding open-ended questions. A native speaker translating assures a richer, more refined and culturally in-tune dataset. Gazelle provides that know-how!

International Team Approach

Gazelle uses a collaborative team approach in all project work, enhanced by our ability to pivot, cooperate, and ideate. Gazelle functions best using this approach to global projects, bringing rich local experience and an agile approach that best fits the needs of a project while respecting the culture of a country. Globalization is here, and it represents huge opportunity. 


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