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No Stranger to Change: The Evolving Consumer Landscape

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Gazelle Global's Founder and CEO, Anne Brown, was recently featured during MR Leadership Week on the Ponderings from the Perch podcast.

Anne invites us into her unique perspective of the market research climate. Gazelle Global has always been the feet on the ground for market research and anticipates a new consumer landscape to start to arise during this pandemic. 

Ponderings form the Perch MR Leadership Week

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As a seasoned veteran in the industry, Anne has seen plenty of change. In this episode, she shares her thoughts about the ramifications COVID-19 will have on the MR industry and what it will be like to "restart." She presents the realities that MR firms will have to face as they start to adapt to the "new normal." In response, the Gazelle Global team has been monitoring the ongoing layoffs and possible firm shrinkages. Anne believes that the menu of services Gazelle Global offers will allow her to the team to step into a supportive role as she anticipates requests for more services and a change in how MR firms will bid for work in the near future.

Anne candidly discusses the elements that kept her grounded in her leadership during this pandemic. Listen in on the rest of what Anne has to say about the insights industry and how they are pushing through it.