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Quick Tips for Keeping Up With the MR Industry

Quick Tips for Keeping Up With the MR Industry

Ah, the joy of a completely clear calendar. No looming deadlines, no overdue reports, no scheduled Zoom meetings. Nothing but free time to explore the wide world of market research. What’s on the docket? Perhaps a book? Attending a conference, instead of experiencing FOMO as the sales team posts photos of tropical drinks by the poolside?

Ok, perhaps it’s time to come back down to Earth. Understandably, it isn’t always possible or practical to put up an auto-reply and dedicate several consecutive hours or days towards self-education. Cost and time considerations may rule out certain avenues of exploration. Yet, there are plenty of opportunities for even the busiest insights professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. Read on to explore tips to keep in the know.

Connect with a Crew

Industry associations are a great source of information for working professionals. These groups often host webinars and events and share online research news highlighting the latest industry innovations. There are a ton of options, but here are a few of our favorite business communities:

Insights on Insights

Have a bit of downtime in between meetings? Peruse one of these industry blogs or digital magazines for market research inspiration, including the latest on data collection techniques, martech, and industry announcements. Bonus: many of these sites have a listings page for partners, sortable by specialty, for those seeking research support.

Networking in the Digital Age

The digital transformation of networking has opened up opportunities to connect with other insights professionals from around the globe. Virtual get-togethers with featured speakers, informal networking events, and even game nights and happy hours have sprung up to help bridge the digital divide. Keep your eyes peeled for details shared on social media posts.

Lend Me Your Ears

Podcasts are a perfect way to catch up on market research developments while driving into work or casual listening while going about the workday. Tune in for tips and interviews with the leading experts in the market research space. Get started streaming these helpful podcasts:

A System for Success

Amid a sea of competing priorities, carving out space to explore new ideas can make all the difference. We suggest blocking out a repeating time on the calendar to serve as a reminder and help limit interruptions. Prioritize continuing education and make it part of your regular practice.

Aggregator or RSS feeds can also be helpful to stay on track. Tools such as Feedspot and Flipboard pull stories from a variety of sources based on the topic(s) selected, distilling the news of the day into one easy-to-digest digital overview.

Finally, following hashtags on social media channels such as LinkedIn is a great way to keep abreast of the conversation surrounding insights. Some of our favorites include:

  • #mrx
  • #marketresearch
  • #insights

Staying in tune with the latest trends doesn’t always require a significant investment of time and resources, just a bit of preparation and commitment to continue expanding your horizons.


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