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Sales in the New Normal: Jason Silver on Intellicast

Modern Sales in the New Normal: Jason Silver on Intellicast

Gazelle Global’s Director of Business Development, Jason Silver, sat down to talk with Jason Inderhees and Brian Lamar on the Intellicast Podcast. They discuss how Jason got into sales in the first place, and how selling has changed during the pandemic.

Sales teams around the world are biting at the bit to get out and start speaking with people again, and in this episode Jason talks through the strategies he is applying in the here and now. 

Intellicast Podcast

You'll learn the pros and cons of Zoom and Google Meets, the rising success of phone calls, and how to handle budget cuts. Jason brings to light how to engage with potential clients, prospects, and of course current clients. Working from home can have its difficulties but Jason lines out how he has continued to meet goals and push forward.

Listen to the full episode here.

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