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The Importance and Impact of Global Business Research

From London to Lahore, Atlanta to Adelaide, Gazelle Global has more than three decades of a proven track record in market research around the globe. Whether it’s a yearlong research project involving multiple subjects across various demographics and life experiences or helping a small business find the right market fit, Gazelle Global Research has done it. In this episode on the Mission Matters podcast, Adam Torres and Meredith Falvo, the Head of Business Development at Gazelle Global Research Services, speak about what market research companies do and how good global research can positively impact a company’s bottom line.

For Meredith, the mission is simple: to do great research. Utilizing a collaborative approach, she and the team at Gazelle Global Research Solutions perform market research recruitment, conduct market research surveys and manage large global research projects, generating data that drives meaningful insights. She notes that as the United States becomes more multicultural, the world more connected, and marketing even more targeted, global market research is more important than ever to define market suitability.




When it comes to operations solutions, market research should be the first step. Both enterprise-level companies and small businesses stand to benefit from solid research. In fact, Meredith makes the point that while enterprise-level organizations like Coca-Cola can bear the backlash of say, changing their formula without doing their due diligence, smaller companies may not have that luxury. “For a small business owner, that mistake could mean the loss of a life’s savings.”

Listen to the full episode to learn how understanding your customers through market research is crucial for your business to thrive.


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