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Why Your Personal Brand Matters with Belinda Brown

At Gazelle Global, we think about the day-to-day of our clients. They are pressed for time, stretched thin, and still need to do more with less. On top of it all, we all need to be mindful of advancing both our own careers and our brands. That’s where social media comes in. And while some may feel that social media can be a time suck, when used properly in the B2B space, social media can be a wonderful way of sharing great ideas, building up skills on teams, and getting to know other amazing colleagues. 

On this Strap on Your Boots podcast episode, Belinda Brown, Director of Marketing and Business Development here at Gazelle Global shared insights on how she thinks about social media and why it is important for the most junior person on any team to the CEO to take personal branding seriously. First and foremost, she believes in the importance of authenticity in personal branding and marketing. In her conversation with host Jason Sherman, they talked about the dynamic relationship between personal branding and marketing in the digital age and how it can be good for professionals personally AND advance company strategies at the same time.


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She sheds light on important concepts she keeps in mind, like: 

  • How to be authentic as a professional, but not veer into oversharing
  • Tips on balancing posts that build your personal brand and those that advance the company
  • Finding a competitive advantage in the digital landscape
  • Leveraging knowledge of online platform algorithms for better reach
  • Understanding the key touchpoints clients take on their digital sales journey

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As Gazelle Global employees navigate the online experience we look for ways to be overtly helpful to those engaging in global market research. As a complete back-end operations hub, the first step in working with our team often starts with a simple bid. Part of personal branding on social media means showcasing how easy it is to connect meaningfully. Sharing a simple resource can be a great way of building a network with the right people who find what you offer to be valuable. To that end, we created this bidding worksheet for our team to share on social easily. 

As your employees navigate social media channels to build their personal brands and increase brand awareness for your company, this episode can help you strike the right balance to maximize best personal and professional outcomes. 

Click here to hear the full episode entitled Zero to CEO: Why Your Personal Brand Matters with Belinda Brown.


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