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Building a Global Research Business with Anne Brown

From starting a niche research operations company in the early 90s to pivoting to a fully remote-first company post-covid Anne Brown, Founder and CEO of Gazelle Global, has paved the way for female leaders to let their voices be heard and take a seat at the table in the research community. 

Anne joins the host of the Dig In podcast to discuss the importance of quality sampling and how respondents are the lifeblood of research. She speaks on collaboration and how it is key to gaining the best insights possible.

“Gazelle Global is a white glove service. We're really high touch. I think that the fact that we do in-person interviewing all over the world still today really sets us apart”

- Anne Brown


This episode dives into the insights of being a woman in research in the early 90s and the challenges Anne had to overcome to establish herself as a thought leader in the industry. Now as a member of Women In Research she helps champion other women in their careers.

"I would look around the room and there were 100 people and only 5 of them were women."

- Anne Brown

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