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3 Reasons Why Gazelle Global is an Ideal Global Research Partner

Choosing a global fieldwork partner is a lot like matchmaking - values must align. There are many aspects to consider when searching for a trustworthy vendor to get accurate insights for your global research project. It’s also important to choose a company with proven knowledge in the global market.

Expanding business globally can be intimidating, especially with project deadlines looming. You may feel rushed to choose a vendor, but doing due diligence will pay dividends in the future. Choosing the right global research partner, saves time and money by getting it right the first time.

Here are a few critical factors to consider when it comes to choosing a global fieldwork partner:


Not all global fieldwork partners offer the same experience and expertise regarding data collection methodologies. Partnering with Gazelle Global, you get experts with a wide array of data collection methodologies that enable us to reach your target respondents – anywhere.

We have been helping the research community connect with people worldwide since 1993. Our extensive experience and consultant approach add value to our research projects.

Methods of Data Collection

When vetting a fieldwork partner, being aligned with project direction and being clear on goals is crucial. Never be afraid to ask questions. When talking to one of our long-time partners at Communications for Research, his best advice when choosing a global fieldwork partner is always to ask questions.

“As buyers, we get answers to the questions we ask, and every answer gives us more context to make an informed decision. Decide on a few good questions.” - Colson Steber, CEO of CRF

What methods of data collection are needed to complete the project? Choosing a partner specializing in qualitative data collection when you need a quantitative study can set back the task at hand and waste resources and time.

We are a complete research operation hub specializing in global sampling and survey data collection. Regarding global research, Gazelle Global has boots on the ground that understand the nuances of different cultures to get the most accurate insights possible.


Onboarding a new research partner requires trust, time and resources. But how do you make sure your global fieldwork partner is trustworthy? A trustworthy vendor will anticipate, identify, and communicate obstacles and solutions long before the issues would derail a project.

This ties back in with communication, experience and expertise. When vetting your partner, you should be clear with expectations. Does their expertise align with your expectations? Trust starts from the very beginning.

Bonus tip: are they involved in the market research community? Do they participate in industry events? Gazelle Global is committed to driving business impact by participating in ESOMAR, WIRE, and Insights Association.

The Gazelle Global team understands what it takes to get a project over the finish line. With over 25 years of industry experience and our consultative and bespoke approach to field management ensures projects stay on time and within budget.

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