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Do More with Less: How to Economize MR Operations

Do More with Less: How to Economize MR Operations

In the midst of a project, when costs are escalating and time management is out the window, it can be tough to see where it went wrong. Asking the right questions and prioritizing a few key things at the very beginning can save time and money.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

  • Utilizing a single vendor or supplier can minimize fees and save both time and money
  • Clearly communicate your research plan at the bidding stage
  • Make sure quotas are included when bidding and clearly specified when sending to programming
  • Have a close to final document up front to minimize costly changes down the line
  • Incorporate the suggestions of local providers when running global projects

Economize Time

  • Aim to have one point of contact managing multifaceted partners to increase efficiency throughout, particularly when dealing with a multi-country study with differing cultures, time zones and holidays
  • Consider having a master brand list in multi-country projects
  • Create one master document when two audiences have similar/parallel questions
  • Clearly communicate your plan to suppliers, perhaps with a kickoff meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Be flexible and listen to feedback and suggestions whenever possible
  • Make sure programming is final before sending for translations

Consider Opportunity Cost

Remember that it’s not just about dollars. Your choices in planning your project as thoroughly as possible as well as choosing the right partner to manage the operation will contribute to your project's success and save both time and money.

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