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Fireside Chat #3 - CEO Reflections: Outsourcing is the New Insourcing

Welcome to the final installment of our 3-part series on the changing landscape of market research!

Anne Brown, CEO of Gazelle Global, sits with Priscilla McKinney of Little Bird Marketing to discuss the advancements in global research that make research possible in emerging markets and around the world.

There is a constant juggling of talent in the market research industry - hiring when times are good and projects are plentiful, then a shrinking of departments when research projects are scarce. Even before COVID big changes were made on consumer insights teams and at market research firms. Getting the right size and skillsets for a research team can be tricky in the best of environments. But teams need the confidence to take on new work and know the quality of the operations will be up to standards.

Sometimes brand research teams look to market research global operations vendors to expand their workforce capacity without expanding their overhead. Market research and consulting firms also look to these partners to bid on new work with confidence, knowing that no matter where in the world their work takes them, they can realize a team with boots on the ground in-country and with the right language skills.

The right partner for outsourcing survey programming, focus group facilitation, respondent recruitment, transcription, data collection, cross-tabbing, translation, and more can give any research team a competitive edge. Getting results at the speed of business is the way winning brands create positive business impact with excellent market research.

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