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Order Up: Gazelle Global's Menu of Services

Order Up: Gazelle Global's Menu of Services

Grab a seat, and don't worry about the dishes tonight. From simple snacks to a full seven-course spread, the expert chefs at Gazelle Global prepare solutions to meet any research appetite. So dive into the menu and get ready to dig in.

Hungry for Insights

Experts operating in the market research ecosystem understand how study commissions can rapidly vacillate between feast and famine. From the end-of-summer lull to the dinner rush of projects requested before Q4 budgets close, businesses must scale to meet new opportunities as they arise.

While times of feast offer reprieve from the slower bouts of business, accommodating a rapid influx of work while remaining lean can prove difficult to navigate. Researchers must provide actionable insights to drive business decisions while operating under increasingly tight deadlines with limited budgets.

How can organizations remain agile to take full advantage of new opportunities? The top market research experts turn to Gazelle Global to serve as an extension of their team and expedite insights.

Mise En Place

No one likes to have to send their order back to the kitchen. That's why Gazelle's expert team of programmers carefully vet every survey before it reaches your table. The programming team reviews survey logic, skip patterns, and quota set-up, to ensure alignment with the specified project requirements.

Available tools include:

  • Global Sample
  • Decipher
  • Dimensions
  • SPSS
  • Quantum
  • Ascribe

Each study is crafted with an eye towards mobile compatibility, allowing participants to provide feedback through the avenues most comfortable for them.

Complex programming? Not a problem. From conjoints to maxdiff, the Gazelle team has experience with a range of advanced analytical tools and data collection methodologies to deliver meaningful consumer insights.

A Global Menu

Global research challenges require global solutions from a trusted expert. The team at Gazelle Global translates over 1000 questionnaires into over 100 dialects and languages each year.

When it comes to global data processing, Gazelle's in-language coding services ensure the rich flavor of open-end responses remains intact. Leveraging decades of experience, the team crafts code frames appropriate to the target audience in alignment with research objectives. Coding experts carefully review verbatims, capturing the nuance of each response.

Unparalleled Service

With over 25 years in the industry, the Gazelle Global team understands what it takes to get a project over the finish line. A consultative and bespoke approach to field management ensures projects stay on time and within budget.

The initial project kick-off creates alignment on research deliverables, milestones, and ultimate outcomes. Next, teams review the details surrounding the target audience, screening criteria, and quota set-up. For difficult-to-reach audiences, the project management team can provide recommendations on targeting, invite cadence, and the appropriate incentives to boost participation.

The Gazelle team takes a solution-focused approach when challenges arise in field—tired of being left hungry after a promise of "best efforts"? Count on the team at Gazelle Global to truly deliver best efforts; that means no projects left hanging in field, with frequent and clear communication through every stage.

À La Carte Offerings

Just looking for a bite to eat, rather than a full spread? Gazelle Global offers stand-alone services to achieve qualitative and quantitative research goals:

Whether you're after the whole enchilada or a slice of pie, the Gazelle Global team has got you covered.

Bon appétit!

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